Grimm Studios® is a premiere developer and creator of entertainment products. After establishing Grimm Studios in 2009, the company has worked on many projects. Such as websites, print ads videos/video editing and video games. Our track record of making the most innovative, creative and customer approved products that bring our services to new heights. These qualities are what makes Grimm Studios products impeccable to any business or client.

We are focused on creating well-designed and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. Grimm Studios will maintained and uphold this great deal of quality in all its further projects.

The high-quality Grimm Studios puts in to all of our work is based on the love for video games or other entertainment products and the enjoyment they bring to the community. As we like to say game creation is in our DNA We are extending the reach of our game universes even further, Grimm Studios is currently working with many major companies to bring more of our products to you.

Now game design is just one slice of the cake Grimm Studios is also a very large web design and print studio as well. Grimm Studios has made many web sites. These web sites were for a large array of clients. Some web sites include; online stores, small business, large business, E-commerce, portfolio, forums, sites and many other sites with many more styles.


Mission Statement
Most traditional games that come from independent game developers are basic games. We at Grimm Studios demand more for ourselves. We wish to create a new quality for game development and create new unheard of worlds for our players to explore. We believe you should experience a game rather than play them. Don’t just play a game experience it!