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Video Game Development

Game development starts with just an idea or concept. It can work just like magic for some. You think up something great and then work towards bringing it to life. “Hey, what if we had a game that did this, then you could make that happen, and what are some other great game ideas we could use?”

Mobile App Development

We have broad expertise creating smartphone and tablet apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and webOS. We can also easily handle the app’s user experience design and visual design, and back-end web services development.

Custom Development

Take an active approach to creating and managing your company’s website. We create and manage a large number of websites. Whether you need something small or exceedingly large. We can handle all your needs, and then some.

Branding and Print

Custom made graphics for your company’s offline advertising campaigns and promotional efforts. From banners and business cards to postcards and mailers, we can design any print you are looking for.

Interactive Design

Let our creative team turn your business or organization into a character, give it a name and a personality, something your clients will identify with and certainly will always remember. Our service enables you to accurately demonstrate features of your product and services.

Danny Castillo

Danny Castillo
CEO, Lead Designer

I’m an aspiring game development & digital artist. I earned a BS in digital multimedia and animation from Rasmussen College.

Sean Loper

Sean Loper
Co-Founder, Team Leader

Also known as Grimmdev, I am always having new and interesting experiences as I traverse the vast multi-verse of Design.

Troy Kary

Troy Kary
Artist, Designer

Originally brought onto the team as a Concept Artist. I've been working with Grimm Studios for...

Anthony Toomey

Anthony Toomey
Musician, Sound Engineer

I play games now, to hear the music that plays in them. I adventure off just to hear the next town’s music. I get inspiration everywhere, it’s an addiction I want to share!

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